New Addition

We have been given a little kitty cat. The cat came to us called Ninja… and Jonathan changed his name to Ginger. Welcome Ginger.  Hannah adores him.
Hannah Loves him and cuddles him for as long as she can.

I’ve had a little break.


 Hi everyone, I am back.  I have just baked a cake but mine burnt around the edges and the apple stuck to the bottom of the tin. I must try to get the temperature right.

Hannah has turned 1!

Hannah loves to ride Cassa and Samuel is getting so much more confident.

A little man’s heaven

Post written by little man’s father :)

I am not sure exactly what heaven will look like but I think Jonathan imagines it to look something like this….  

Grandad was in need of some expert assistance, preferably someone not afraid of working at heights.


A sure sign Johnno has been "working hard", dirt and mud



Johnno always has time to have a photo taken. Not sure who he gets that from.


Clearly such a big job shouldn't be attempted alone


Going in "boots and all",at least the gutters were clean.


Thanks Johnno, now we can get back to playing. When you love to work, the lines are sometimes blurred.


Grandad has the best toys, one day Johnno hopes to drive the Dingo by himself…”when he is taller”, so he tells us.  

*** Safety alert – make sure if you are going to get driven around in the bucket of the Dingo you at least have your earmuffs on… :-)